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  1. Crafting Recipes

    • Dyed Sticks: two normal sticks in the bottom left and top right and one dye of your choice in the middle gives you two dyed sticks with the color of your dye.
    • "Dyed" Tools (Tools with dyed handles): Dyed tools can be crafted like vanilla tools, just with dyed sticks instead of normal sticks.
    • Dyed Blocks: ...can be crafted with a dye of your choice in the middle and 8 of the same supported blocks (e.g. andesite, polished andesite, cobblestone, ...) around it.
    • Dyed Furnace (maybe coming out someday): Just like a vanilla furnace, but with dyed cobblestone.
    • Dyed Stairs and Slabs: Like normal stairs or slabs, but with dyed blocks.
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